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Spring Concert featuring Jay Gandhi and Ehren Hanson

Music and Inspiring Speeches for the Community

Join us
on an unforgettable musical journey as we usher in Spring with a very special concert featuring Jay Gandhi and Ehren Hanson. Witness Jay's magic on the flute and Ehren's mastery of the tabla. We welcome you to this joyous celebration of music and life!

March is Women's History Month. In addition to the concert by Jay Gandhi and Ehren Hanson, we have initiatives planned to celebrate Women's History Month and International Women's Day! The event will start with an auspicious vocal performance by Indian Classical vocalist and educator Monica Joshi. As the evening progresses, Ibha Kumar, a senior executive in the financial services industry will share her perspective about women's empowerment, leadership, and women's careers.

Hashim Abdullah, Ambassador to the Public at the United Nations' Department of Global Communications will attend and speak at the event. Hashim will talk about the UN's sustainable development goals and how we, individually or as a community, can get invo
lved in initiatives led by the UN. 

Jay Gandhi, Ehren Hanson, and Monica Joshi's music, and Ibha Kumar and Hashim Abdullah's inspiring words will lift our
spirits, and open our hearts and minds to new possibilities! Join us and participate in this special event! Refreshments will be served. 

4-5 pm: Doors and Welcome Reception
5-8:30 pm: Performances and Speeches
8:30-9:30 pm: Closing Reception

We look forward to seeing you for an unprecedented evening of music and community!


Video of Jay Gandhi and Ehren Hanson performing at the Ragas Live Festival in October 2022

Organizing Committee & Spring Concert Team: Devika Thakkar, Devyani Seth, Lakshmi Anantharamu, Swapna Kulkarni, Anshika Gupta, Dia Thakkar, Anna Gao, Subir Parulekar, Kushal Sahabir, Leo Gibbs, Niraj Chokshi, Tenzin Tselha, Tenzin Tsering, Aadi Thakkar, Ashish Thakkar, Aratrika Sarkar, Kenny Wilson, Abott Finkel, Joyce Anderson


"Such an amazing evening! Thank you so much for having me! Very enriching! More and more power to you and looking forward to many more performances. Lots of love."

"Such a thoughtful evening! A blend of activism & music and beautiful presentation with all the small touches."

"Organizing Team Kudos Again! You planned a beautiful evening - cozy, excellent blend of live performances and curated conversation, over delightfully yummy foods. Hats off to you. Great idea to have the arts/crafts table & the young MC's for the intergenerational touch. Thank you."

"This is such a beautiful and tasteful event in every way! Congratulations for supporting such an important cause while having us all through this incredible raga music!"

"The song lingered long after it had ended. The ambience that the organizers tried to create was on spot & in someways helped me enjoy the music even more. Kudos to the organizing team."

"How beautiful, authentic, delicious, thoughtful, and joyful. This concert was planned and executed by all of you. Deep gratitude."

"Very glad to be part of this event."

"You did such a great job. Looking forward to more such events. Keep it up! Many thanks."

"Very well organized. Loved the performances and talks. Looking forward to attending more events."

"Amazing job organizing such a unique event!!! A peaceful, calming & meditational composition paradise right in the hustle-bustle of busy NY Saturday! Best event ever! Congratulations!"

"It was really special. The flutist was amazing. The music was mesmerizing."

"I really enjoyed the concert - really commendable effort."

"Just wanted to congratulate you on such a succesful event! Thank you so much for the opportunity."

"Such a beautifully organized program. Congratulations!"

"Awesome program tonight. Congratulations to the organizers as well as the musicians. Way to go. May you have many more such. Wah!"

"Thank you for creating a beautiful environment and making us all feel special!"

"Excellent multi-sensory experience. Vive CLH Productions. Great job from concept to conclusion."

"The time management of the event is so good!"

"We had such a wonderful time yesterday. We could truly see the effort and the thought you put into this event. Right from the decor, to the music, the people, the food, and the overall vibe was just so uplifting. The music left a lasting impression on us and the tasty food as well."

"We had a wonderful time.. loved the setting and attention to detail with everything. Kudos."

"The event was very well organized and the music was amazing."


Saturday, March 23, 2024

5:00 - 8:30 p.m.



The DiMenna Center for Classical Music

Mary Flagler Cary Hall

450 West 37th Street New York,

NY 10018



       Ibha Kumar 

Jay Gandhi

Ehren Hanson




  Monica Joshi


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