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Bhakti: A Musical Journey

A one of a kind meditation and music event.

Our Bhakti event brought together distinct artists to produce a unique and transformative experiential event.


Offering an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, Broome Street Temple provided the perfect backdrop, together with a welcoming spiritual environment for the event.


The program began with a short, guided meditation by Elizabeth Neuse that enabled the audience to be centered and created an atmosphere conducive to the music performances that followed.


The first music performance was by Camila Celin on the sarod accompanied by Ehren Hanson on tabla. The duo captured the audience with their scintillating performance.


The event culminated with the deep and soulful music of the illustrious Pta. Tripti Mukherjee. Her transcendent performance beautifully captured the essence of bhakti (devotion) and bhav (emotion) — the audience was mesmerized and transported to a place of bliss.


Want to create an event like this?

Our Bhakti event is an example of successful collaboration between artistes and people inspired by their work to bring a creative vision to fruition. 

Reach out to us at if you would like to work with us to create unique events like this in your city.



Pta. Tripti Mukherjee

Ehren Hanson

Camila Celin

Elizabeth Neuse

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