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Renuka Parmar

Intriguing, up and coming artist.

Dr. Renuka Parmar is a self-taught artist, for whom art is an introspective journey that brings her immense joy. She shares this joy through abstract paintings that often use bold and striking colors. Her paintings are predominantly oil on canvas.


Renuka's first exhibition of paintings was held in October 2014 at 

The Lil Flea, Bandra, Mumbai. She currently lives and works in Mumbai, India.


For more information about Renuka, visit


One of Renuka’s paintings was selected by CLP to feature on the cover of the book, Being Aum. The painting depicts turmoil with the churning of the Bhavasagar, i.e., ocean of life. From the churning arises the orb of knowledge, the eternal Aum. 


I see the door, calling out to me

To enter, to imagine, to behold

Vivid and Lucid

Is it a dream? Is it real?

What is the difference?

Is there any?

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