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Who We Are

And the people who inspire us.

Devika Thakkar founded Crystal Lighthouse Productions in 2012 with the vision of bringing meaningful and inspiring products and experiences to audiences worldwide.


While studying music under Pta. Tripti Mukherjee, Devika interacted with a multitude of artistes. She saw incredible opportunities to use technology to deepen and extend the impact of music, arts and culture. She self-initiated projects to package creative musical and literary content and find ways to make it accessible to global audiences. She worked to create an online presence for select artistes, digitize and document valuable audio, video and textual data for current and future generations.


Devika was surrounded by a plethora of high-value creative individuals who had spent decades cultivating and perfecting their art — be it music, painting, writing or philosophy. Just as she felt inspired by their compelling work, she felt that there is a worldwide audience who would be inspired and moved by the same. Using digital media and technology she sought to bridge the gap between these content creators and their audiences. 


Over time she built a team of graphic designers, web developers, media and management professionals and volunteers of diverse backgrounds and skills to work together on these initiatives. It was these spirited efforts that laid the foundation of Crystal Lighthouse Productions.

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