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Being Aum

A beautiful collection of poems.

With You in my being — I become AUM

Your abundance pours on me without being asked
Far beyond expectations, in Your glory I bask

Whether road ahead or in the lanes gone by, 
Wherever I see, only You meet my eye

You shine and glow ever in the light of mine 
What I scent within is perfume of thine

Deluded people think it’s me they see 
Blind they are towards You besides me

It’s Your fragrance alone that pervades every inch
Sadly no one realizes and none understand the cinch

Pardon the fools, pardon the blind 
Pardon the ignorant with egoistic mind

AUM was the beginning and beyond the end is AUM 
With You in my being I become AUM

I am AUM, I am AUM, I am AUM


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Being Aum
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